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The best thing about my job (except documenting amazing moments in my clients’ lives!) is getting to know my clients over the years, as we meet to take photos at different stages of their lives. I love seeing my clients as single couples, parents of babies and young children, and parents raising their growing family.

I photographed Bhavisha and Ajay back in 2015 when Bhavisha was pregnant with Jasmine, then Jasmine when she was a newborn baby and this time it was family fun in Richmond park, together will little baby Sia! We chose Richmond park as it brings back fond memories for the family, and it has an amazing playground down by Petersham gate. It was great fun trying to capture action shots of Jasmine as she played, as well some more quiet and intimate family moments.

As Surrey Family photographer, I work across Surrey and London photographing families enjoy themselves and having a good time. If you are looking to have family photos taken, please get in touch I would love to hear about you plans.

London and Surrey Family Photographer / Richmond Park Family Photoshoot

I really enjoy catching up with return clients and finding out what they’ve been up to. It was lovely to hear from Berry, who’s Cockapoo Joey I photographed a few years ago. He was a young dog then, and was very energetic so taking portraits was a big challenge! Below is a photo from that photo session; a moment of stillness before more energetic running around!

Since our last meeting, there has been a new addition to the family, and there was a big family get together to celebrate the occasion! As London and Surrey family photographer, I work at different locations across the capital and Surrey, but it was a special treat to go back to Richmond park for this photoshoot. The biggest challange this time was to get everyone comfortable and happy in front of the camera; to arrange a large group of people and take a shot while everyone was looking! I found an old tree branch which looked like the perfect spot for a big family photo. The curves of the branch provided lovely lines for an interesting compositing, and contained enough perching spots for everyone to sit (not so comfortably!), or stand around. After a few attempts, the children and Joy looked directly at me, and by some miracle I was able to capture the big group shot! The rest of the shoot was done in the lovely tall grasses in the park, and around beautiful Isabella plantation. Here are a few photos from the shoot - images will automatically change, but do use the previous and next controls if you need to.

If you are organising a family get together, or are celebrating a special event, please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!

London and Surrey Family Photographer / Holland Park Family Photoshoot

I thoroughly enjoyed this photoshoot of a family of five! The family received a gift voucher from their friend as a Christmas present and contacted me to arrange the photoshoot. The shoot was held in gorgeos Holland park, which is one of their favourite spots in London. It was a really hot day and the glaring afternoon sun made photography quite challenging. Luckly, Holland park has many little nooks and crannies so there were planty of choices!

It was such a pleasure getting to know and photographing these young girls, who were telling me all about their aspirations and future plans, as they were setting off to leave home and start University in September.

If you are thinking of buying a gift voucher for a friend or family member, please visit my gift vouchers page. You can also contact me to discuss details and check availability. Alternitively, you can visit my family portraits page to find out more details on my family photo sessions.

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Children's portrait photography at the Isabella Plantation / Richmond-upon-Thames Family Photographer

I love this time of year when nature goes into overdrive! It doesn't seem that long ago when trees were bare and there were hardly any flowers around. Beginning of May is prime time for flowering rhododendrons and azaleas, and I just love visiting Isabella Plantation during this time of year. Before I moved out of Richmond, I would go a few times a week to enjoy the sights and smells, and try to predict when the 'peak' of flowering would be. Not sure if I cought the peak this year, but I did catch a cheeky little girl playing hide and seek with my camera!

If you would like to enquire about family photography, please contact me on 07793 677 867, send an email on or send an enquiry through the on line form.

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