British Shorthair Kitten Photoshoot / London Pet Photographer

I love my job! I was recently commissioned to take photographs of a silver tabby british shorthair kitten called Izzy. She was so delightful it was hard to focus on taking pictures! Sweet, cuddly, playful, cheeky - she had it all! I worked with Izzy's owner to create a set of playful shots and portraits in their own home which is where cats feel most comfortable. At times, it was a challenge containing Izzy's enthusiasm for chasing her toys but eventually it tired her out for a few relaxing portraits with her owner. Photographing pets is one of my passions, and I work across London and Surrey capturing candid moments of our furry friends. If you have a pet and you are thinking of having some professional photos taken, please get in touch - I would love to hear from you!

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London Pet Photography
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