Christening photographer Surrey and London / Jasper's christening

This was a very special day! My dear friends and very first photography clients were christening their baby boy. Naturally, it was an honour and absolute pleasure to capture this special event. It was a warm sunny day back in May, and the ceremony was being held at the beautiful St John C of E Church in Coulsdon. The atmosphere at the church was really easy going and relaxed, and baby J relaxed so much he even fell asleep and slept through the whole ceremony! This particular church had a policy of no photos at the altar during the ceremony (this differs between churches, so always good to ask in advance!). Nonetheless, I was able to capture family moments inside the church as well as group shots with the reverend. Back at the family home, there was more time for relaxed shots of family and friends mingling, and kids playing!

If you are planning your child's christening, and are considering commissioning a photographer on the day, please get in touch for more information about timings and prices. I offer 2h minimum booking which can be extended to cover more of the service/party, depending on your plans for the day. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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