London and Surrey Family Photographer / Richmond Park Family Photoshoot

I really enjoy catching up with return clients and finding out what they’ve been up to. It was lovely to hear from Berry, who’s Cockapoo Joey I photographed a few years ago. He was a young dog then, and was very energetic so taking portraits was a big challenge! Below is a photo from that photo session; a moment of stillness before more energetic running around!

Since our last meeting, there has been a new addition to the family, and there was a big family get together to celebrate the occasion! As London and Surrey family photographer, I work at different locations across the capital and Surrey, but it was a special treat to go back to Richmond park for this photoshoot. The biggest challange this time was to get everyone comfortable and happy in front of the camera; to arrange a large group of people and take a shot while everyone was looking! I found an old tree branch which looked like the perfect spot for a big family photo. The curves of the branch provided lovely lines for an interesting compositing, and contained enough perching spots for everyone to sit (not so comfortably!), or stand around. After a few attempts, the children and Joy looked directly at me, and by some miracle I was able to capture the big group shot! The rest of the shoot was done in the lovely tall grasses in the park, and around beautiful Isabella plantation. Here are a few photos from the shoot - images will automatically change, but do use the previous and next controls if you need to.

If you are organising a family get together, or are celebrating a special event, please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!