Surrey Couples Photographer / Wotton House Post-Wedding Photography

Wotton house is a stunning country house nestled in the beautiful Surrey countryside. Surrounding the house are Grade II listed Italian gardens, so picturesque and beautiful that it feels they were designed and made to be photographed!

This was the setting for a recent couples photoshoot. The couple I photographed got married a few days before in a small, private ceremony in London, and took a short break following their wedding in this picturesque hotel. We organised the post-wedding photo session to remember this special time in their lives, and to remember their holiday at Wotton house. I thoroughly enjoed getting to know this lovely couple, and photographing at one of the finest venues I visited in Surrey.

The entire session was held outdoors as the gardens provided so many beautiful backdrops for photography. It was an overcast spring day, slightly grey and misty but the light was perfect for photography. These kid of the days provide nice even lighting, which brings out lovely warm colours in the surroundings. The soft light is also very flattering for portraits - no harsh shadows and glaring light to worry about. When I photograph couples, I try to give gentle direction when it comes to poses. I find this method gives people a task, something to do, and soon they relax into the photoshoot and forget that I am even there. Over the years I’ve been working as a professional photographer, I found that if I leave people to do their own posing, the resulting images look quite awkward.

Working as Surrey wedding photographer, I photograph not only weddings but couples who wish to document their engagement, holiday, an anniversary or another important date in their relationship. If you wish to have a couples photoshoot, an engagement photoshoot or would like to discuss an upcoming wedding, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you! I work across Surrey, London and the South East and also travel further afield. Looking forward to hearing from you!