London Pet Photographer / Surrey Pet Photo Session

I really enjoy the variety of jobs I get commissioned to do. One week it could be a couples photoshoot, next week a wedding, christening, family photoshoot or a newborn photoshoot. Amongst all these great jobs I get to do for a living, I also get commissioned to take photos of people’s pets!

I love speding a couple of hours in the company of our four legged friends, and meeting their lovely owners. Going into a new job, I try to get a sense of a dog’s personality and character. I aim to capture a variety of shots: portraits, action shots and the special bond people share with their dogs. My dog photography sessions are relaxed, fun and generally held outside, in a favourite park or on a favourite walk. However, this recent photoshoot, which involved an elderly greyhound Molly, was done mainly indoors, due to Molly’s old age. This meant that unlike the outdoor sessions where there is lots of walking, ball chasing and running around, this session was more quiet and the majority of it limited to the indoor space. I tend to get a bit more apperhensive about indoor sessions, worrying whether there will be enough ‘stuff’ for creative photography. This concern pushes me to work harder, and to ‘look’ for shots more.

During the photo session, I focused on finding nice natural light and beautiful shapes in Molly’s elegant form. An armchare next to the window provided a perfect perch for Molly, and a quilt thrown on at the back of the chair added a lovely background, and a personal touch. I tried to capture Molly’s expressions, they were full of charm and intelligence.

Working as a pet photographer, I photograph mainly dogs but also cats, horses and even miniature pet headgehogs! You can visit my pet photography page for some more examples of my work. I work across London, Surrey and Sussex but will travel further afield for a photoshoot, or a special event like Crufts. I will ensure you and your pet have a great time during the photoshoot, and will provide a great set of photos for you to treasure in years to come. I also provide pet photography gift vouchers which are a great present for a birthday, wedding or anniversiry, for a friend or a family memmber. If you are interested in purchasing a gift voucher, please visit my gift voucher page, or contact me to discuss your requirements. If you would like to organise a pet photoshoot for your own pet, get in touch to arrange a session!